Colored Shoe Laces No Tie for Adults/Kids/Children,Magnetic No-tie Shoelaces for Sneakers,Unisex Elastic Shoe Lace 20 Pcs


  • Kids no tie elastic shoelaces save time even more when you use these magnetic shoe lace without losing game time/bus/football practice/dance class etc. It is the better gift for child/adults.
  • Quantity: Each pack has 20 pieces elastic shoestring, enough for one pair of shoes, and there are extras. This extra amount is a spare shoe laces of sneakers that you can use if you accidentally lose or break it.
  • Elastic: Lazy silica gel shoe laces are made of high-quality environmentally friendly silicone material, which has high elasticity,the elasticity does not strangle the feet, it is not easy to break and deform, and it is durable. Suitable for most shoes for adults and children.
  • The length of the tieless shoelace is the same, but the tying method can be different. Depending on the tightness, you can choose a different tie method. Freedom to do whatever you want, to satisfy your pursuit of art.
  • Throw out your old dress shoe laces, remove them from your running shoes etc, and replace them with magnetic no-tie shoelaces. Simple and convenient, and easy to clean, if the tieless laces are dirty, just wipe them clean.


Easy to clean: The colored shoelaces for sneakers are dirty, just wipe them clean.

Creative fashion and beautiful. Trendy personality, tieless shoe lace suitable for sports shoes, casual shoes, children’s shoes, sneakers shoes etc.

Various colors to choose from. Meet your travel needs.

Fastening design is more secure. Avoid falling or stepping on loose shoelaces

As long as your shoes need laces, chances are you need them. Suitable for D-ring holes, leather holes, plastic holes, cloth holes, metal and more.


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