J.SHOOTER M1911 Gel Blaster with Water Beads & Goggles – Automatic Toy Blaster for Shooting Games, Soft Bullet Shooter for Kids, Mess-Free Splatter Ball, Outdoor Toys for Boys, Girls & Adults Y


  • ! WARRANTY ! J.SHOOTER provides a 3-month warranty to back your purchase up! Please only focus on having fun! We will send you a new replacement in case of malfunction within 3 months from your purchase date.
  • OUTDOOR GAMES – Backyard, woods, hills, war game site are ideal places for setting up targets and fun shooting. Perfect idea for party or group games. It is also a good physical Exercise, a goal aiming skill, focus and endurance training for kids.
  • RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC POWER – The design of the gearbox and projectile of this Gel Gun Blaster has been fully upgraded to ensure your smooth and real shooting experience. Please charge the lithium battery fully for at least 2 hours before first pistol is launched!
  • WHAT YOU GET – 1x Gel Ball Blaster, 12,000x dry Water Beads, 1x Goggles, 1x Infrared Light, 1x 7.4V Lithium Battery, 1x USB Charging Cable, 1x Hopper and 1x Feedneck. TIP: Soak water beads for at least 2-3 hours until fully hydrated to a 7-8mm gel ball.
  • BEST GIFT IDEA – Struggling for not knowing what can please your kids, grand children, niece or nephew? Be sure to browse all J.SHOOTER models, you will find what you need for teenage boys and girls. Not only they will love the blaster gun but also playing with the gel beads!
  • SAFE and CLEAN – This gel blaster pistol For Outdoor Games use an orbee like water base gel ball as bullet which will burst into small fragments after hitting targets and disappear after drying. Safe, eco-friendly, stain-free and no hassle of cleaning! Safety Goggles coming with it will protect you and your children.


J.SHOOTER M1911 Gel Blasters are designed for the ones who love the Blowback Power experience of shooting a M1911/Glock Gun.
It is cool and fun to have these safe automatic toy gel guns to play with your friends and families! We offer
4 different colors for you to form battle teams for target shooting games at your backyard, woods, or war game site! The best thing is that you do not need to clean up after the party! Water beads/bullets will disappear overtime in an outdoor environment. ACTION!!!
Ideal Toys Boys and girls aged 12+ under Adult Supervision.

J.Shooter is a Brand dedicated to Gel Ball Blaster Gun. We believe these electric gel ball blaster guns would be the next generation’s favorite party/group/team game. We name our water beads “Jellobead” which is water-based, eco-friendly, stain-free, and has no hassles cleaning up. All J.Shooter Gell Ball Blaster comes with a pair of safety goggles. Please keep them on always when shooting the soft bullet water beads. Do not forget to soak the water gel balls for 2-3 hours to reach the size of 7-8mm, drain the water before loading into the hopper to avoid jamming. The 7.4V lithium battery needs to be fully charged for 2 hours before first use. Always keep the Gel Blaster Guns dry. Disconnect the battery with the gel blaster gun when it is not in use. Follow the safety instructions and have fun!


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