Slice of the Moon | Silvery White Pearl Natural Mineral Mica Powder, 0.42oz (12g) | for Personal or Professional Use – Cosmetics, Epoxy Resin Projects, Nail Polish, Soaps, Bath Bombs, and Art Projects


  • PROUD TO BE WOMAN OWNED & FAMILY OPERATED: We are committed to providing quality products and a top-notch customer service experience.
  • SILVERY WHITE PEARL: Delicate and smooth, this gorgeous natural mica powder creates the perfect silver, satin sheen. The soft and creamy texture produces a cream-like finish when applied. Consider this for a highlighting addition to your cosmetic or creative formula. PARTICLE SIZE: 10-100µm
  • FOIL SEALED: Product comes foil-sealed and packaged in a wide-mouthed, shatter-proof container. *Some of our products are foam sealed in slightly different wide-mouthed containers due to rebranding efforts.
  • RESPONSIBLY SOURCED: Manufactured in ISO-9000 lab, compliant with EU and FDA regulations, and not tested on animals, our pigment is sourced with the commitment to prevent violations of human rights specifically child labor acts. We are committed to collaborating with other businesses that encourage Fair Trade and non-exploitative employment practices.
  • CREATE IN COLOR: Not much is needed to blend, mix, and design with our wide range of mica colors. Whether creating your own colors for paint, Bath Bombs, epoxy resin projects, candle designs, DIY creations, or jewelry — there is no limit to what can be done with a little mica powder.



Natural mica powders are made from a group of naturally occurring silicate minerals mined from a variety of rock to include granite. Many natural mineral mica powders appear lighter in color when applied on skin. Natural micas are widely used in cosmetics, DIY craft projects, art pieces and more.


Slice of the Moon carries mica options that range from 5 µm to 500 µm. The smaller the particle size in micrometers or microns (µm) the more fine the powder and the more coverage or hiding power. Conversely, the larger the particle size the more coarse the powder which provides more of a glittering effect. The larger particles provide less coverage or hiding power and have generally more luster.

Creating your own cosmetics? When it comes to cosmetics, especially for those intended to be applied around the eyes, the smaller the particle size the better (within the 150µm or less range). Slice of the Moon mica powders are fine to ultra fine in size, with most all being well suited for bronzer, highlighter, coloring for lotion, body butter, and other cosmetic applications.


Whether it’s creating your own vibrant watercolor pigments, adding a bit of a golden hue to a sunscreen, or making your own resin pigment paste, mica pigments are a great way to achieve your preferred color! As a general rule, we recommend adding a very small amount at a time to your base or medium. Repeat as needed to achieve your desired hue. Other applications include:

—Pigment for slime
—Coloring bath soap, bath bomb, or salt
—Making your own non-toxic nail polish


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